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PAART Landpilots Rescue 3 Puppies From West Virginia

by Jordan

PAART Rapid Response Unit Deployed Over the Weekend Saving 3 Dogs From West Virginia, Bringing Them Back To The Greater Pittsburgh Area, With New Friends Made Along The Way A special thanks is in order to Mary Withrow and Brittany Lewkowicz, who on top of their daily attention to animal rescues and PAART operations, dropped […]

PAART Plane Rescues 13 Dogs From Hoarding Home In Virginia

by Jordan

PAART Plane Rescues 13 Dogs From Hoarding Home In Virginia and Gives First Class Flights to Gettysburg and a Future of Opportunity Pete Lehmann flew to Dublin, Virginia to save chihuahuas, Italian Greyhound mixes, and some older dogs from horrendous living conditions. Some of these dogs were in desperate need of support and opportunity, which […]

PAART Landplane Rescues 58 Cats and Dogs From Virginia

by Jordan

PAART Land Pilots Dave Turner and Kim Schaeffer Rescue a Total of 58 Dogs, Puppies, Cats, and Kittens from Overcrowded Shelters in Virginia to a Life of Hope   A constant theme with animal shelters is the unfortunate situation of overcrowding. Too many dogs, cats and other animals left to stray end up in these […]

29 Dogs Rescued From Danger to Safety

by Jordan

29 Dogs Rescued from Varying Degrees of Horrendous Circumstances, 1 Owner Jailed in Kentucky, Numerous Outstanding Members of the Community Help Out, and 1 Plane Took to the Skies Piloted by Pete Lehmann and Adrian Balister Towards Pittsburgh and a Better Future for these Rescued Dogs A special thanks to PAART Pilot Pete Lehmann and […]

PAART Landplane Rescues 18 Dogs and Cats

by Jordan

PAART Landplane pilots David Stash & Jim Moran Rescue 10 Dogs & 8 Cats From Overcrowding, Bringing Them to a Future of Hope, Happiness and Opportunity. A special thanks to McguireWoods LLC for this mission who has not only been an amazing friend to the PAART team, supporting us with crossing and dotting our legal […]

PAART Land Pilots Perform Emergency Rescue of 23 Small Mammals

by Jordan

From Danger to Safety, 23 Guinea Pigs and Hamsters Were Rescued By PAART Rapid Response Land Pilots in an Emergency Rescue in Beckley, VA to Pittsburgh for Specialized Care at Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue. A special thanks to PAART volunteers – Kelly Genovese & Tammy Trasatti – for making the trip at a moment […]