We are all bombarded with people asking to help or support their cause or charity. Who or what you support is a personal choice. Something needs to speak to you. At No Dog Left Behind we love animals and the impact they have on our lives. Giving an animal a second chance is near and dear to our hearts. Your support allows that to happen. Our goal is to turn your donations into lives saved.

Dog Days of Summer raises almost enough money to keep us going through the following year. While we enter the final push to sell tickets to our event on August 24th we want you to see the results of your support from last year’s event. Your support saved lives, helped shelters, and enriched the lives of thousands of people.

✈️🚚 Number of Rescue Missions (Air and Land): 101 ✈️🚚

🐕 Number of Dogs Rescued: 1955
🐱 Number of Cats Rescued: 297
🐇 Number of Rabbits Rescued: 41
🐹 Number of Guinea Pigs Rescued: 37
🐺 Number of Wolves Rescued: 4
🦋 Number of Butterflies Rescued: 1
🐹 Number of Hamsters Rescued: 9
🦡 Number of Ferrets Rescued: 1
🐔 Number of Cornish Hens Rescued: 8
🐀 Number of Rats Rescued: 4

Total Number of Animals Rescued: 2353

This was all possible because of you, our supporters. Tickets to Dog Days of Summer presented by VCA Animal Hospitals on August 24 are available now at https://paart.wpengine.com