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PAART Rescue Activity


14 cats and 1 dog, pulled from rural areas by our friends at the B.A.R.C Boone Animal Rescue Coalition, arrived safely at Providence Animal Center and Mostly Muttz Rescue after a second chance ride with our team. PAART Land Pilots Tim Bouvy and Larry Johnson set out for Morgantown, WV yesterday in the PAART Landplane. […]

Happy Birthday Mike!

It’s fitting that on Valentines Day 24 dogs flew from danger to safety on board the PAART Airplane. PAART Pilots Pete Lehmann and 17 year old Pilot Adrian Balister, one of only 4 pilots in the USA who got his Private and IFR Ratings at the same time, flew to Kentucky on a special sponsored […]

18 Animals By Air

16 cats and 2 dogs flew to a second chance from an overcrowded shelter on the PAART Plane with PAART Pilots Rebecca Mihalcik and Pete Lehmann. Under a blanket of fog, and a cold front that was moving through causing severe winds, these two pilots had the right stuff to get the job done and […]

Dogs from a Cruelty Case: 18 Months Later

Recently, four gorgeous dogs went on the freedom ride of ALL freedom rides. 18 months ago we received a call asking for our assistance on a cruelty case with the Pennsylvania State Police. In the middle of the night our founders Brad Childs and Jonathan Plesset mobilized a small team to deploy into a very […]

51 Dog Rescue Mission

51 animals pulled from rural underfunded shelters woke up this morning with a second chance thanks to PAART Land Pilots Carolyn Jochymek and Christina McCool Colantoni. Each one has a story that pulled at our hearts when we learned about where they came from and the dire circumstances that defined their lives. Missions like this […]

16 Animal Given Hope

15 dogs and 1 cat who were running out of time took a trip with PAART Land Team Pilots Lisa Thomas and Lori Kraus to a new beginning and a second chance on the PAART Landplane. The rescue duo, who are sisters, set out for multiple stops in Virginia and PA over the course of […]

Abandoned Mom’s And Their Pups Rescued

21 dogs were flown to a new beginning thanks to PAART Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Brad Childs. Two set of mom’s and their pups, all with special circumstances, needed our help. Their story touched us and we knew we had to help. The first mom had just given birth to a litter of pups when […]

What Does PAART Do?

Rescue Requests and Donations


Number of Animals Rescued

Dogs: 8966 Cats: 727
Sea Turtles: 65
Guinea Pigs: 49
Chickens: 41
Rats: 10
Monarch Butterfly: 1

Learn About The Help We Received From Rachael Ray

Flying Around Pittsburgh