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PAART Rescue Activity

40 Dogs and 9 Cats Landplane Rescue Mission

The PAART Landplane departed from Pittsburgh and went on a 3-day journey to rescue 40 dogs and 9 cats from underfunded, rural shelters in Virginia to take to safety in New York. The mission was sponsored by hometown Major League Baseball star Sean Casey whose love of animals runs just as deep as his love […]

15 Dog Flight – From Danger To Safety

Over the weekend, 15 dogs were given a second chance at life when the PAART Airvan picked them up for a journey from Danger to Safety. Our team, including PAART Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Pete Lehmann, took the nearly 500 mile round trip rescue mission to pick up these dogs from Wolfe County Animal Shelter, […]

Air Mission 4/12/19 – In Memory of Gerald Luptak

Sometimes, It Takes A Village To Rescue A Dog That old adage certainly holds true when people are moved to such a good cause as saving a dog. On Friday, April 12th, our team at PAART, the participation of Pennsylvania SPCA Officers Nicole Wilson and  Jason Martinez, and Adopt a Sato, and most importantly the charitable […]

PAART Rescue Mission Case File - Kentucky Rescue

Kentucky Rescue Mission 4.7.19

Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team is off again! The ground team had suited up and transported dogs from Kentucky to Pennsylvania and New York. Due to food shortage at the Morgan County shelter, the team also loaded up with donations from Cross Your Paws to restock the shelter with food supplies! Let’s take a look […]

31 Dog Rescue Flight

31 dogs flew to their new lives today on a windy day that tested the abilities of pilots Jonathan Plesset and Rebecca Mihalcik. Undeterred, they flew with a sense of purpose for the opportunity to bring hope to 31 animals. Some amazing dogs on this flight! Special thanks to the work of the our friends […]

27 Dog Rescue Trip

27 dogs looked out of their shelter and saw hope in the form of a giant rescue truck with a distinctive airplane on its side. Inside was PAART Land Pilots David Stash and Marie Regula who spent two days in the field to help 27 animals on their journey from danger to safety. 1200 mile […]

What Does PAART Do?

Rescue Requests and Donations


Number of Animals Rescued

Dogs: 9,285 Cats: 790
Sea Turtles: 65
Guinea Pigs: 49
Chickens: 41
Rats: 10
Monarch Butterfly: 1

Learn About The Help We Received From Rachael Ray

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