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PAART Rescue Activity

3 Kids Raise $1000 To Rescue Animals

3 kids raised $1000 selling snow cones to help fund their own rescue mission for PAART. Carter(9), Colton(6), and Aidan(4) are three amazing kids who love animals as much as we do. Through sheer determination, and a healthy dose of cuteness, they raised $1000 over the course of a few weekends to fund their very […]

Pittsburgh Today Live comes for a flight with PAART

Our friends over at Pittsburgh Today Live have had us on every year for the last six years to help promote our fundraiser. Such amazing people over there who do so much to shine a light on the amazing Pittsburgh community! We thought it was time that we invited them out to the Allegheny County […]

How did we use your donations since the last fundraiser?

We are all bombarded with people asking to help or support their cause or charity. Who or what you support is a personal choice. Something needs to speak to you. At PAART we love animals and the impact they have on our lives. Giving an animal a second chance is near and dear to our […]

12 Dogs Fly With Husband and Wife PAART Team

12 animals flew from danger to safety with Husband and Wife PAART Pilots Megan Plesset and Jonathan Plesset It was a heartbreaking story. A momma dog had 10 puppies and their owner wanted to give them up right away. After being convinced that was a bad idea they reluctantly agreed to keep the puppies until they matured. When […]

360 View of Pittsburgh

Fly A Plane Around Pittsburgh Take controls of the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team Mahindra Airvan and fly around the City of Pittsburgh with a 360 degree view of the city! Keep the plane steady because the animals on board are counting on you to stay steady!     Can you fly a plane? Push […]

16 Dogs Fly From Danger to Safety On Part One Of A Three PAART Mission

At one point during the day the PAART Plane flew over the PAART Box Truck somewhere in Kentucky. Simultaneously the PAART Landplane was being loaded up for a mission that was waiting for the PAART Airplane at the airport. It is days like this, when multiple teams are going at once, that we see the […]

What Does PAART Do?

Rescue Requests and Donations


Number of Animals Rescued


Dogs: 9,750
Cats: 864
Sea Turtles: 65
Guinea Pigs: 77
Hamsters: 9
Chickens: 41
Rats: 10
Monarch Butterfly: 1
Rabbits: 58

Learn About The Help We Received From Rachael Ray

Flying Around Pittsburgh