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PAART Rescue Activity

rescue dog

PAART Land Team Rescue 23 Dogs, Dedicates Mission to Colleen Sookie King

The PAART Land Team traveled to Cookeville, Tennessee to help 23 dogs on their journey from danger to safety! This mission is dedicated to one of our very own, Colleen Sookie King. Colleen started volunteering with us two years ago. She was fun loving, smart, warm and an amazing woman. Colleen passed away a few […]

Pregnant Dog & 4 others Fly from Danger to Safety

A pregnant dog named Heidi now has a safe place to give birth thanks to PAART team. ❤️ PAART Pilot Pete Lehmann brought 5 dogs from danger to safety. The Morgan County Animal Shelter -West Liberty,Kentucky and Wolfe County Animal Shelter prepared the dogs to be welcomed by Pals4Pets and Bridge To Home Animal Rescue One rescue is a 2-year-old coonhound named Gabby […]

7 Older Dogs Waiting in Shelters Get Chance at Brighter Future

Older dogs don’t always have the best luck in shelters. Most of these dogs have been waiting for years to find a home. Now, thanks to PAART 7 dogs are getting a chance for a brighter future. PAART Pilots Pete Lehmann and Rebecca Mihalcik traveled to Gettysburg to bring 7 dogs who have spent a […]

rescue dog

PAART Hits New Air Rescue Record Bringing 38 Dogs from Danger to Safety

Big News! PAART hit a new air rescue record bringing 38 dogs from danger to safety! We started out in a small plane rescuing 3 or 4 dogs at a time. Now, thanks to YOU and your support we are able to give more animals a second chance at life in our PAART Airplane. From humble […]

PAART rescue dog

17 Dogs Rescued from Over Crowded Shelters in Kentucky by PAART Pilots

PAART Pilots Pete Lehmann and Rebecca Mihalcik helped fly 17 displaced dogs from danger to safety. Three incredible organizations Morgan County Animal Shelter, Wolfe County Animal Shelter, and Wags to Riches helped get these animals ready for brighter futures. PAART Pilots Pete Lehmann and Rebecca Mihalcik flew down in the PAART Airplane to bring these dogs to […]

20 Dogs Fly On A Jet For Chella Phillips

The story of Chella Phillips, a one woman army in Nassau, Bahamas who took in 100 dogs off the street and into her home during Hurricane Dorian is an inspiration to all of us small rescue organizations. What one person can do when they open their hearts is a reminder of the inherent good in […]

Animals Rescued From Overcrowded Shelters

24 Animals Rescued from over crowded shelters in Kentucky by PAART Pilots. We fly because there is urgency. When Love of Paws Rescue, Johnson County Animal Shelter-Kentucky, and Wags To Riches – Helping Animals In Need called to tell us their shelter was over capacity PAART Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Pete Lehmann jumped into the […]

What Does PAART Do?

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Number of Animals Rescued


Dogs: 10,112
Cats: 893
Sea Turtles: 65
Guinea Pigs: 77
Hamsters: 9
Chickens: 41
Rats: 10
Monarch Butterfly: 1
Rabbits: 60

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