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PAART Rescue Activity

25 Dogs on a 2000 mile Rescue!

What our team did to give hope to 25 animals this weekend is nothing short of amazing. This is dedication to helping those without a voice the likes of which is hard to quantify. We got a call from our friends at The Humane Society of the United States about a small group in Louisiana […]

9 Dog Air Rescue

9 dogs made a second chance flight to a new life today thanks to PAART Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Patrick Wysor. The team left Pittsburgh in the PAART Airplane for Huntington, WV where they met two amazing foster parents with these 9 animals. The PAART mission is built upon missions like this. 9 animals who […]

43 Dog Valentines Day Rescue

43 dogs made the journey from Danger to Safety last week thanks to PAART Landpilots Chris Klacik and Theresa Bartoszewicz. The pics from the mission got lost in the shuffle and we had to frantically get them back which is why we are a week late in posting this wonderful mission. Chris and Theresa made […]

17 Dogs Given A Second Chance

Giving animals a second chance is ingrained in every PAART members DNA. Its what drives us to go to huge lengths to give animals without hope a new lease on life. PAART Landpilots Teresa Gamble and Brandon Lyda left on Saturday in the Landplane for Columbia, TN and spent the night at a hotel. Early […]

5 dog air rescue

5 dogs are safe and sound this morning thanks to PAART Pilot Pete Lehmann who made a last minute 700 mile round trip flight. Winter flying can be tricky and yesterday we had scrubbed this flight that had 2 sets of pilots splitting the time. The weather suddenly broke and the only pilot left was […]

35 Cats Given A Second Chance

On a snowy and cold February day 35 cats took a first-class ride in our Landplane from Danger to Safety thanks to PAART Landpilots Laura Fruehan and Janet Kluck. A team from Second Chance for Cats met us in Pittsburgh with these special kitties early yesterday afternoon. Laura and Janet loaded up their precious cargo […]

A new life for 11 special animals

What a difference a few weeks make. 3 of the Korean meat farm victims we transported to a private shelter have made a miraculous turnaround after spending some time being rehabilitated. PAART Landpilots Melissa Garvin and Kathy Yarnick left early on Sat morning to help these amazing animals one more time. When we first saw […]

All Paws On Deck

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Number of Animals Saved

Dogs: 4635
Cats: 286
Sea Turtles: 35

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