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PAART Rescue Activity

Mission dedicated to Dads

8 dogs and 4 cats woke up today at the beginning of a new life after taking a second chance rescue flight with PAART Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Kurt Lesker. The guys departed in the PAART plane early yesterday for a 700 mile trip to bring these animals from danger to safety. Kurt and Jonathan […]

Special 40 dog rescue mission

The question you have to ask yourself is would you drive 2500 miles to save 40 dogs without even knowing where you would be taking them? Would you take the risk? What if these animals were living outside during the day and then at night, sleeping in a crate in the hallway of a shelter? […]

Special Mission in Memory of John Richard Nicholson

15 dogs made a journey across the county to a new life and a second chance on a special mission in loving memory of John Richard Nicholson. John’s cousin, Lynne Lippincott, contacted us with a simple request, please go change the lives of these animals, and the lives of those who will adopt them, in […]

4 dog air rescue

4 dogs made the long journey from danger to safety yesterday thanks to PAART Pilot Dustin Peterson and daughter Olivia. Departing from Morgantown, WV, Dustin and Olivia flew to Kentucky to meet Helping Hands For Animals where 4 dogs needed to take an immediate flight. Once loaded the team flew to just outside Philadelphia to […]

A Special PAART Adoption

“Don’t you just wanna keep them?” This is the question we get asked all the time. Every now and then though it happens 🙂 11 dogs who had run out of time in a shelter made a special life saving journey thanks to PAART Landpilots Melissa Morris and Kara McCaffrey. Departing from our home base […]

5 Dog Air Rescue

5 dogs made took chance flight yesterday thanks to PAART Pilot Pete Lehmann who braved 7 hours in the air and three stops to make this trip happen. Pete first flew to Charleston WV to meet The Paws Squad and load these 5 in the PAART airplane. From there he flew to Harrisburg to drop […]

12 Dog Memorial Day Rescue

PAART Pilots Brad Childs and Jonathan Plesset flew 12 dogs from danger to safety yesterday. Take a look at the mission video and see how amazingly cute these animals are! The team met up with pilot Jack Merritt who brought the dogs on the rest of the way to Greenmore Farm Rescue.

Dog Days of Summer Party

Tickets and Information on the Event!!
Our 4th Annual Dog Days of Summer Fundraiser is on August 26, 2017 at the Allegheny County Airport. Click the link below to be taken to the event website to register and purchase tickets.

Introducing the Rescue Trailer

The PAART Disaster Relief and Rescue Trailer is here! Learn more about this exciting addition to the PAART Team.

Number of Animals Saved

Dogs: 5294
Cats: 333
Sea Turtles: 65

PAART Dogumentary

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PAART Air and Land Video

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5000th Animal Rescued

All Paws On Deck

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