Sponsor Your Own Rescue Mission

Sponsoring is the perfect way to offer direct support that translates into animals rescued. No Dog Left Behind offers all of our rescue missions free of charge. The expenses of each mission are what we strive to cover when we ask for public support. Your sponsorship saves lives. There are two ways in which you can sponsor.

Land Mission

Land missions are conducted by volunteer drivers who often spend 12 plus hours on the mission, sometimes even overnight, to safely transport animals in one of our custom rescue trucks or “Landplane” as we like to call them. Sponsoring a Land Mission helps cover the costs of the mission. 

Air Mission

Air missions are conducted by our volunteer pilots. Due to FAA rules our pilots must pay for the costs of the flight personally. The rest of the costs are from the operation of the flight department. Your support on these air missions helps our operation overall. Its the perfect way to support our team!