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New No Dog Left Behind Animal Rescues

Do you want to become No Dog Left Behind of the Story? Volunteer Today.


We are always looking for experienced pilots to join our team.  No Dog Left Behind air missions rescue anywhere from 2 to 40 animals per flight depending on the aircraft and animal size.  All No Dog Left Behind pilots must have a minimum of 500 hours and an IFR ticket to act as Pilot In Command of a mission. To fly under our waiver your must be qualified to fly the No Dog Left Behind Plane. Please email us and we will send you the requirements.


At No Dog Left Behind, you are not drivers, you are Land Pilots piloting one of our rescue vehicles, or Land Planes as we like to call them. Land Pilots are the backbone of our organization.  On a typical mission you will help save upwards of 60 animals. Some of these missions may require to stay overnight in a hotel. Don’t worry, we take care of all of the expenses including all food, lodging, and gas. 

Community Outreach

We love being involved with our community and need volunteers to help us staff booths or tables at events, walk in parades, and help us spread the work about our awesome organization.  Since we are funded solely on donations, we also need people to help us fundraise throughout the year. 


With only a few staff members, we really appreciate help in the office thanking donors, getting prepared for events, counting inventory, and other administrative jobs.  These types of jobs are perfect for those who have a few hours and are unable to drive on missions.

Logistics and Support

There are other odd jobs that volunteers can help with.  All kennels and vehicles must be fully cleaned and sanitized after each mission, donations need sorted, laundry needs to be washed, newspaper needs to be shredded, and much more!  

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