NDLB Transport Grants

Since we started transporting animals from danger to safety their needs and the shelters needs have changed. The distances involved and the complexity of the transports have grown. One organization can only do so much when the needs spread beyond drivable and flyable distances. To help bridge the distances, NDLB is ready to empower shelters and small transport teams with the resources they need to safely and economically transport animals to meet the needs of the geographic footprint they serve. By doing so we can expand our footprint by creating new teams in geographically ideal locations throughout the country.

The NDLB transport grant is intended to help with the initial costs of deploying a rescue vehicle. This seed money can be used for the down payment on a rescue vehicle, equipping the vehicle for transport, and getting the program off the ground. A lot of times this initial commitment can be used as a fundraising catalyst to help cover the rest of the costs of creating a transport team.

Primary Transport Grant Requirements For Existing Shelters & Groups

  • Must be a 501(c)(3) entity in good standing with an up to date letter of determination.
  • Must be in an area of focus, primarily over 500 miles south of Pittsburgh, PA. 
  • Demonstrate the financial health to support the ongoing maintenance and insurance of the transport vehicle
  • Adhere to and adopt the NDLB Safe Transport guidelines and procedures.
  • Explain in detail how your organization is going to help transport at-risk animals
  • Provide to the committee examples of other shelters or groups for which you have relationships with that can either receive or send animals.

If you have questions about the grants or the process please email grants@nodogleftbehind.org

Transport Grant Application

Primary Contact Person

Contact Name(Required)

Organization Information

Organizaion address(Required)

Transport Narrative

Grant Narrative Questions In order for us to consider your request we need to have a clear understanding on how you currently operate, where you are operating, and if/how you currently handle transport. Your application must include answers to the following questions.  Do not exceed five pages. Please submit a Word or PDF document.
  1. 1. General information about your organization and your various programs.

  2. 2. Describe how your organization currently transports animals

  3. 3. Describe how your organization is networked with shelter partners willing to transport and receive animals between your facilities.

  4. 4. We believe that transport needs to be done at the highest possible standards for safety not only for the animals but for the drivers as well. Describe to us how you are going to conduct transports in a safe manner.

  5. 5. How often do you foresee you will deploy to transport animals?

  6. 6. Describe to us how your employee or volunteer base can support sending teams out in the van to help animals.

  7. 7. Do you have any financial arrangements with shelters to cover the costs of relocating animals? If so please disclose any payments made between you and those organizations related to the costs of the transports or any fees you are paying to the sender or receiver.

  8. 8. How will you promote these transport trips and what kind of ongoing fundraising can you do to pay for the ongoing maintenance, fuel charges, and potential payroll costs for your transport program?

  9. 9. Describe the team of decision makers at your organization. What are their backgrounds?

  10. 10. How do you sustain ongoing costs of your shelter or rescue groups? (Grants, self-sustaining from owners' payments, other?)

  11. 11. This grant helps with initial costs of the purchase of a rescue van, specifically the downpayment and some of the costs to outfit the vehicle. How will the financing work for the rest of the purchase? Do you have the ability to receive vehicle financing? Is there someone on your board who would be signing on behalf of your organization? Please note that this grant is payable at the closing of your financing or purchase of the rescue vehicle.

  12. 12. How many animals do you estimate you'll be able to help with our funding over a twelve-month period?
Max. file size: 50 MB.
Please upload in Word or PDF format only.

Financial Submission

Proof of Financial Stability

Our goal is to create a sustainable network of transport operators. Your ability to complete the purchase and fitment of the rescue van is vital to our grant process. Ongoing expenses of the van, the operation, and the financial health of your existing non-profit are important for us to explore and consider when granting your request.

Please submit to us:

  • 1. An income statement and balance sheet for the last two full years

  • 2. 990’s for the past two years

  • 3. Year to date income and balance sheet for the year in which you are applying.

  • 4. IRS Letter of Determination
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: xls, docx, pdf, jpg, Max. file size: 50 MB.