No Dog Left Behind Grants

In order to better serve the rescue community we are thrilled to offer two grants that target areas in which there is great need. These grants will serve two purposes for our team. The first is to provide a means for us to create a larger network of teams spread throughout the country that can drastically expand our footprint. The second is to offer to others resources to help create the next wave of animal rescue teams and pilots.

To reach these new areas and individuals we are offering two types of grants each designed to target what we see as the biggest barriers to moving animals. 

Transport Grants

To enable us to serve in new markets we are going to plant the seed to create new transport teams in areas that are too far for our planes and trucks to travel in one shot. By enabling new teams in other geographic markets we can create our own network to move animals safely over much larger distances. 501(c)(3) shelters and rescue groups can apply for our transport grant and receive the initial funding they need to purchase their own rescue trucks. Along with financial support we can offer them over a decade worth of experience in how to safely move animals from danger to safety.

Education Grants

Somewhere right now a person in an underserved community has a dream to fly. The financial barriers to realize that dream are daunting so we want to step in and help them. In exchange we ask that they pay it forward by using their pilot skills to help rescue animals in the future. We believe that by fostering the notion of giving back in new pilots we can help expand the number of pilots who use their skills to help their communities. The Education Grant will help offset some of the costs of taking their first step skyward.

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