One Day Away From Our Largest Event Of The Year and The No Dog Left Behind Landplane Still Finds Time To Rescue 11 Dogs, Including 7 Puppies and 3 Prison Dogs

A special thanks to David Stash and David Albanese for taking the time out of their day to rescue these dogs and bring them from Danger to Safety. Also, a special thanks to our support team, including Mary Withrow, Brittany Lewkowicz, and many more that supported this rescue mission while also helping to plan and organize our 6th Annual Dog Days of Summer presented by VCA Animal Hospitals.


Our annual Dog Days of Summer event provides us with much of the resources that are needed to continue rescuing dogs throughout the year but it is a true testament to the team that in spite of all of the planning and organizing that goes into this, our primary focus is still on bringing these dogs from Danger to Safety. 

And so, our team got the landplane ready and were off down the 350-mile road to West Liberty, Kentucky where there were dogs and pups in need of our assistance. We were getting these dogs from Morgan County Animal Shelter all the way to Pals4Pets Rescue Inc. to get them on to loving and caring homes. 


These dogs and puppies will go on to bring joy and happiness to others around them. 3 wonderful dogs on this trip that have graduated from the Prison Program will have a life ahead of them where they will get to support those in need.