There are very few words to describe people who would spend 48 hours driving over 1500 miles to clear 16 dogs, 12 cats, and 2 rabbits from the line of a devastating Hurricane. While the term gets thrown around a lot, and its meaning can sometimes be diminished, in the animal rescue world we would call those people heroes.

No Dog Left Behind Landpilots David Stash and Kim Schaeffer earned the right to be called heroes. They left early Friday and arrived back in Pittsburgh at 2am last night with the Landplane filled with animals from the Charleston Animal Society that were originally supposed to be cleared out to make room for displaced Hurricane Dorian animals. As the storm shifts though, our friends in SC could be in the line of the Hurricane as well.

These missions require complex planning and logistics. Our whole team worked tirelessly to make this happen. The work that our own Mary Kennedy Withrow, who recently celebrated her 2nd anniversary at No Dog Left Behind, put in over the weekend to place all of these animals was incredible. Mary, along with Operations Manager Brittany Lewkowicz, who also led Team One on Saturday, have been instrumental in bringing these animals from danger to safety.

We are super proud of our volunteer team, our Pilots, our Landpilots, and our staff for moving mountains to make this happen. Great work everyone!

If you are interested in adopting these special animals please look for posts from Animal Friends, Angel Ridge Animal Rescue, The Humane Society of Lawrence County PA, Cross Your Paws Rescue, Kitty Queen Cat Rescue, and Clermont Animal CARE Humane Society