3 kids raised $1000 selling snow cones to help fund their own rescue mission for No Dog Left Behind.

Carter(9), Colton(6), and Aidan(4) are three amazing kids who love animals as much as we do. Through sheer determination, and a healthy dose of cuteness, they raised $1000 over the course of a few weekends to fund their very own rescue mission.

15 dogs needed a second chance and a rescue flight to Pittsburgh would be the bridge to a new life. No Dog Left Behind Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Pete Lehmann flew to Mount Sterling, KY in the backup No Dog Left Behind Plane (the main one is the shop) to help dogs from Love of Paws Rescue. Once on board the guys flew back to Pittsburgh where the kids got to help unload the pups and get them to Cross Your Paws Rescue where these 15 will be going to adoption.

These 3 kids are inspiring. They remind us that when you set you mind to something there is no reason you cannot achieve it. All it takes is hard work and discipline. Great work you three. Happy to have you as No Dog Left Behind Rescue Pilots In Training.