No Dog Left Behind Air Pilots Rescue 11 Cats and 2 Dogs from an Overcrowded Animal Shelter in North Carolina, Bringing Them From Danger To Safety, In Tribute To The Memory Of A Loved One

A No Dog Left Behind Pilot Rebecca Mihalcik recently lost her cat and this mission was done in honor of her beloved feline companion, Elwood. Thank you so much for the help your provide Rebecca, your commitment to cats and the No Dog Left Behind cause continues to help bring animals from Danger to Safety. 

Thank you as well to Pete Lehmann for making the flight and for the rest of the support team that made this happen! 

The problem with overcrowded shelters is often times recurring and worsens as time goes on. If the community is continuous in adopting pets less frequently than pets are ending up in these shelters, as time goes on these divergent traits can cause a real problem with the local shelter community and individual shelters. 

That’s where No Dog Left Behind comes in. These animals need to be brought to a new area so that they can get a chance at happiness and make room for other animals there. Bringing these cats to Fancy Cats organization does just that. These cats will be placed in Virginia where they will get a chance at a future, and it will allow the shelter in North Carolina to help out more animals in need and with good timing as well.

This 1000+ mile journey that saw our pilots from Allegheny County Airport to Statesville Regional Airport (North Carolina), then to Manassas Regional Airport (Virginia) and back to Pittsburgh saw some really amazing animals on the passenger list. 


Breed Name Weight Age Sex
DSH Dena 8 7m F
DSH Karla 3.4 3m F
DSH Nermal 6 8m M
DSH Hills 6 1y M
DSH Hippy 7 1y M
DSH Jet 5 4m M
DSH River 5 4m M
DSH Nancy 4 5m F
DSH Hayden 3 3m M
DSH Sebastian 2 2m M
DSH Cashew 2 2m M
Dog Marcel 15.6 4m M
Dog Rebekah 15.2 4m F