12 animals flew from danger to safety with Husband and Wife No Dog Left Behind Pilots Megan Plesset and Jonathan Plesset

It was a heartbreaking story. A momma dog had 10 puppies and their owner wanted to give them up right away. After being convinced that was a bad idea they reluctantly agreed to keep the puppies until they matured. When one of them died from eating a foam mattress action needed to be taken and the remaining 9 puppies were taken away after the owner agreed to have their momma dog spayed to prevent a future pregnancy.

The other 3 dogs were simply unwanted and needed to find somewhere to go. A trip to help all 12 was created and for the first time we had a husband and wife air team deploy. We are excited to see Megan and Jonathan together on a mission.

The couple flew to Kentucky to meet up with Wags To Riches – Helping Animals In Need and Love of Paws Rescue. Once loaded they headed back to Pittsburgh where they were met by Cross Your Paws Rescue where these amazing animals can be adopted from in a few weeks. Great job Megan and Jonathan!