Yesterday was a beautiful day for Animal Rescue!

Sun was shining and the rescue teams were out and ready to save 65 dogs and pups, plus one very pregnant momma that was about to go into labor.
Thank you to our Kentucky friends at Kentucky Saving Them Together, Inc. who saved many of these pups from euthanasia, parvo, being dumped on the side of a road, and abandoned by their families.
Our NDLB team, Dave and Dave, made sure this crew had a safe day on the road with lots of extra love and attention. Plus they were ready to help Momma Coco deliver her pups at any moment.
The rescues will need some time to get the pups settled in before they are ready for adoption. Please check their pages and websites for more information.
We would also like to thank Joan Oakley for sponsoring this transport that saved the lives of 65 animals 🐾