This might have been the coldest 🥶 transport day in quite some time, at -3 during load in!

So lots of cuddles and cozy blankets for this fur crew as we left Kentucky and headed north to Ohio.
Our NDLB team, Tiffany and Tony, bundled up for the 2 day journey to bring 54 pups to safety. First stop was Wayne County Humane Society in Wooster, Ohio. The Dollar General pups got off here. They got that name because they were found in a box outside of a Dollar General in Kentucky. But not to worry because they are getting tons of love ❤️ and extra care now.
2nd stop was for Friendship Animal Protective League, 3rd was to One of A Kind Pet Rescue and our final stop was at Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups 🐶
It was a long day for all so now it’s time to rest.
If you’re interested in adoption please check out our rescue partners pages. It will probably be a few days or a week before they are available for adoption. Many need some time to decompress and get checked out by the vet.