2 cats with Feline Leukemia boarded a special flight to Chicago for a second chance and a new beginning.

After a long hiatus NDLB Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Dean Heffernan once again took to the sky to fly Toast and Shrimp to Chicago to meet up with two special families who are taking these high risk animals into their homes. Feline Leukemia is a virus that damages the immune system and puts a cat at risk for certain types of cancers.
After loading the cats up at the Allegheny County Airport we flew to Illinois to meet adopters Anna and Bradie at the Lewis University Airport southwest of Chicago. The moment they met their new moms we knew Shrimp and Toast had completed their journey from Danger to Safety.
These special new cat mom’s will give these cats the love and attention they need to live a new life.
This mission was made possible by Cali Cats Rescue who have worked tirelessly to give cats a second chance. Thank you Amanda Jeney for making this happen.