52 dogs and 12 Cats on the Road to Rescue!

Both vans are loaded with the fur crew of 52 dogs and 12 cats from Kentucky and on the Road to Rescue!

Almost to their first stop in Erie, PA where the dogs, puppies and a few kittens will meet up with the rescue teams.


Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions

All Creatures Big and Small Pet Rescue

Danimal’s Help

Then it’s on to the next stop at Empire Animal Rescue Society (EARS) in New York.

Our NDLB driver, David Stash, is on the road to rescue today with this crew in honor of his grandson’s 10th birthday

Happy Birthday Francis David Sisco! Save some cake for your Pap 

Thank You to everyone that puts in so much time, effort and love to help these animals get to a better place.

And Thank You to all our supporters that keep us on the road to transport animals from the shelters free of charge. Without you we couldn’t continue to save the lives of animals in danger while enriching the lives of people.