Road Rescue Adventures!

It was a day filled with adventures for this fur crew of 85 🐾 which included a 90 lbs Great Pyrenees named Marvin that figured out how to escape from his large crate. We think he just wanted a better view of the road to his rescue.
This transport from multiple shelters throughout Kentucky could not happen without so many people coming together and working as a team.
A huge THANK YOU to all that were involved including our NDLB drivers, Dave S. Dave K. Tony & Tiffany, for spending 2 days on the road to pick up in Kentucky and then head north where they met with many rescues through out New York and more.
We also could not coordinate and transport animals from the shelters free of charge without your support! So, thank you too for joining us on our mission to save the lives of animals in danger while enriching the lives of people.