Happy Wagging Tails!

Our first stop for this weekend’s road rescues began with meeting our friends and fur crew from Tennessee.
What a group of happy, wagging tails we had. 🐾
If you want to adopt possibly the happiest dog ever then go meet Gus at South Hills Pet Rescue and Resort. Along with Gus were 8 of his fur friends that joined him at South Hills Pet rescue.
Mama Libby and her 3 week old pup, sadly her other pups did not survive so she’s taking extra special care of this one. Siblings Floyd and Ezra fell asleep before we even hit the road 😂
And Mama B and her 3 pups 🐶 that loved to cuddle and give lots of kisses ❤️
Thank you to our NDLB team, Tony and Tiffany, for getting them Safely to Safety.
Part 2 of our road to rescue took this sweet fur crew to the amazing team at Adams County SPCA in Gettysburg.
It was hard saying goodbye to these pups that gave so much love and some of the best hugs ever.
Even though we are usually only on the road with them for a day during the transports, there is always a connection. They are so open to receiving love and that special human contact, especially when most haven’t come from the best situations.
Thank you again to our NDLB team, Tony and Tiffany. Also, a huge thank you to Deirdre Henry for sponsoring this mission that saved 17 dogs 🐾