This Road to Rescue was Quite an Adventure!

This fur crew had a long and storm ⛈️ filled day yesterday on the road to rescue 🐾 but all 56 dogs and 11 cats made it to safety.
Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers in Kentucky for taking these pups and cats into their homes while waiting for transport to rescue partners. We were so glad to be there to bring them from danger to safety. We will share the rescues throughout the North East that were able to take these sweet animals in and help them find their furEver homes.
Thank you to our NDLB drivers, David, Walt, Tony and Tiffany, for spending 2 days on the road to save so many animals ❤️ They are our Road Warriors!
We would not be able to coordinate and transport animals from the shelters free of charge without your support! So, thank you too for joining us on our mission to save the lives of animals in danger while enriching the lives of people.