58 Mama Dogs and Their Pups Head to Safety

Another successful day of animal rescue 🐾
Thank you to the team at Kentucky Saving Them Together, Inc. for taking them into their homes and caring for them. Also, for being with Athena and giving her a comforting space while she gave birth to her pups just a few days ago.
If it wasn’t for this team these 58 dogs and pups would be on the streets or euthanized.
Thank you to our NDLB road warriors, Dan Ford and Don Siegel, for spending 2 days in a van…which they are still in as they are driving home from Ohio.
All of the dogs and puppies were taken to Wayne County Humane Society, Friendship Animal Protective League, and Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups. All 3 are located in Ohio. It will be a few days or weeks for these rescues to get them ready for adoption, if you’re interested please check out their pages and websites.
We are so grateful to Eileen Rawitz for sponsoring this mission. Thank you Eileen for being a part of saving 58 lives.❤️