Starving Mama dog and her malnourished newborns were saved just in time!
Thank you to Kathy and Josh at Morgan County KY Animal Shelter in West Liberty, KY for taking in and caring for so many pups while they wait for transport, especially for stepping in at last moment to help mom Charolette and her 8 pups.
Our landpilots, Dave and Tiffany, were on the road and ready to pick up 12 dogs when they received the call that 9 more were being added from a dangerous situation. Once all were loaded they hit the road to Ohio with all 21 of the fur crew.
First stop was Wayne County Humane Society and then onto Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups where a few little ones and Mama Charolette and pups were welcomed by the amazing volunteers that were ready to take extra special care of them all. The rescue provided the mama dog with some proper nutrition and water, she regained her strength and will now be able to feed her puppies the milk they desperately need. We will be checking in on all of these precious pups and posting updates.
We would like to thank Kenneth House for sponsoring this mission in honor of his wife, Nancy, for their Anniversary.
These missions would not be possible without our amazing donors who support us on our mission to save the lives of animals in danger while enriching the lives of people. ❤️

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