It took 2 long days to get the crew of 30 pups and dogs from Danger to Safety but it’s always worth every minute no matter the obstacles.
Another great team came together so we would like to thank the multiple shelters in Kentucky for taking the pups in even though they are overcrowded and underfunded. Thank you to Beth for her many hours of caring and transporting them to us. Thank you to our volunteer Landpilots, Dave and Tiffany, who spent 2 days driving to Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue in West Grove, PA first to drop off 12 of the dogs including soon to be Mama, Lizzy.
Then it was onto Atlantic City where they met The Humane Society of Atlantic County and Voorhees Animal Orphanage to drop off the other sweet 18. Thank you so much to our rescue partner shelters for being there and ready to give these dogs so much extra care while they find their furEver homes, families or person. 🐾 Please contact the shelters if you are interested in adopting.
We also would not be able to continue these rescue missions without the support of our donors, so thank you J&A South Park Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric for sponsoring this mission that saved this crew of 30 furry friends friends ❤️

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