What started out as a 6 dog transport quickly turned into 16!
Morgan County KY Animal Shelter in Kentucky got the call about 10 pups that were living in a dangerous situation so Animal Control picked them up and brought them to Kathy and Josh at the shelter. They gave the pups some extra care and got them to the vet right away.
The crew of 10 were transported today with 6 other furry friends to Adams County SPCA in Gettysburg, PA. The staff will be giving them lots of TLC while they are getting ready to find their furEver homes.
To find out more on the dogs and pups please visit https://www.adamscountyspca.org/
We will also be checking in to see how the crew of 10 are doing and will keep you updated.
Thank you to Morgan County KY Animal Shelter, Kathy, Josh and the amazing staff at Adams County SPCA for all their hard work and dedication to caring for so many animals in need.

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