25 cats and kittens looking to find their PurrrFect homes to settle into for the winter.
Providence Animal Center in Media, PA received our #NoCatLeftBehind transport from DACR (Dream Away Cat Rescue), based in Charleston, WV.
Thank you to our pawsome 🐾 Landpilot, Dave Stash for making the drive to WV to meet volunteers who entrusted NDLB to transport them to be examined and cared for by our friends at Providence in eastern Pennsylvania. If you’d like to inquire about any of these beauties, please visit Providence Animal Center‘s social media pages or visit this link for details on when they will become adoptable: https://providenceac.org/adopt/cats/.
Although most of our rescue missions are dogs, our team also rescues cats and other animals in need! These missions aren’t possible without the support from all of you.

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