31 dogs flew from danger to safety with NDLB Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Pete Lehmann. This was a special rescue that helped a neglected dog fly to a new beginning and in honor of a young man who tragically lost his life.
The team head In the NDLB Airplane to Hazard, KY where teams from the Morgan County KY Animal Shelter and the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter were waiting. Xena was a special passenger. She was found tied to a tire, malnourished, and unloved. Once she was nursed back to health she took a flight with us for the last leg of her journey to find a forever home.
With 31 dogs and 2 pilots loaded In the plane the pilots took off for Atlantic City, NJ where representatives from Humane Society of Atlantic County and East Coast Paws N Claws Rescue were waiting to give kisses to each dog and help them complete the last leg of their second chance journey.
This mission was done In memory of Jake Stippick. Jake tragically lost his life. An avid pilot, Jake was on his way to becoming a commercial airline pilot. His mom Joan organized a fundraiser In his honor. Thank you to the Stippick family and their friends for letting us honor Jake.

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