It’s been too long. We’ve missed you.
The Air Team was back after a long delay. Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Pete Lehmann took to the sky on a long mission to bring hope to 34 cats that needed a flight from danger to safety.
The day started early with the two pilots departing for Charleston, WV to meet some amazing people at DACR (Dream Away Cat Rescue) who brought 34 cats with them that were ready to get their second chance. Each kitty was given a kiss goodbye and loaded In the NDLB Plane.
From there we flew to Philadelphia where Providence Animal Center was waiting for us to receive our special cargo. Each cat was happy and ready to take the next step In their journey. Two very tired pilots flew back to Pittsburgh late In the day happy to be back. Rescuing animals Is good medicine for the soul.
You may notice in the video that our plane looks a little naked. Not to worry, we have some plans brewing for her. Stay tuned 🙂

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