Did you know the Great Pyrenees are nocturnal creatures? Well… these three big Pyrenees pups got some during the day rest on their road trip with land pilot Mark Britton.
This morning, Mark traveled down to Maryland to meet up with some #Kentucky dogs from the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter and the Morgan County KY Animal Shelter. Toting 11 dogs in all, Mark and his new friends headed back to PA where they will be cared for by Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue and Lamancha Animal Rescue until they find a #FurEver home.
If you or someone you know is interested in adopting with the Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue or LaMancha Animal Rescue, please contact them via their websites: https://www.greenmorerescue.org/ and https://www.lamanchaanimalrescue.org/
Missions like these are made possible by your support, our #NoDogLeftBehind volunteers, and your generous donations. Thank you! 💙

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