Uh oh… cats and dogs, passengers in the same vehicle on a road trip? This ought to be good…
Yesterday, land pilots David and Walter headed south to rescue some #CoolCatsAndKittens, some big dogs, and even some puppy siblings 🐾! A two-day trek, the pair of #NDLB volunteers drove to Mt. Airy, North Carolina where they picked up 10 dogs in total from Mayberry 4 Paws and 10 cats, plus 13 kittens from Tiny Tigers Rescue!
Despite their differences, the animal cohort made it back to Bradford, PA to be dropped off with McKean County Spca. where they will be well taken care of until they find a #FurEver home.
If you or someone you know is interested in adopting with the McKean County Animal Shelter, please contact them via their Facebook page.
Huge shoutout to Sheila and Mark Grenadier of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh for sponsoring this No Cat/No Dog Left Behind mission! 💙💙💙

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