By Ray Wendler

Growing up we always had a dog. Always rescued. We love our dogs as family our neighbors would remark we would love to be loved as much as our dogs were loved.

A few years ago, I retired as a custom home builder. I woke up one morning with a feeling the time was right to get another dog, a buddy.

That very day my sister Frannie, Then background investigator for the former Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team (PAART) now called No Dog Left Behind, was headed to their office at the Allegheny county airport to help welcome more than a dozen dogs from a West Virginia shelter. Frannie was excited to tell me she was on her way just that day to be part of another amazing animal rescue.

So, I asked Frannie to please pick a puppy for me! She was as surprised as I was when I asked her, but I knew that it was meant to be that day touchdown was just moments away and then the plane landed.

A difficult task for sure, as we know all puppies are beautiful! How do you pick just one? What an assignment picking a puppy.

The plane landed full, very full of puppies, one more precious than the next. Frannie said it was love at first sight there she was Maggie was the second crate off the plane.

Frannie said there was no doubt she was the one that I later named Maggie, yes Maggie from West Virginia.

This precious little puppy was a bit nervous, but so beautiful. There is a commercial about West Virginia that its wild and wonderful well Maggie certainly is wonderful she loves to run at the church grounds, she loves to play cover-up. And she loves to ride in my truck.

Maggie after the rescue was sent to a shelter in New York that night. But since she was tagged by Frannie, Maggie came back. If you’re wondering the other puppy with Maggie in the crate also came back also adopted into a new loving home.

Maggie has an adopted sister named Ona. And she really likes to be with her four friends all rescues. Ona loves to play cover-up with a blanket with Maggie.

Maggie has changed my life! So much companionship fun and amazing love. At the controls of the plane that brought Maggie to me bearing all kinds of weather conditions none other than Brad and Jon. Truly they are the real dynamic duo having used personal time and funds to launch PART, now known as the incredible NO DOG LEFT BEHIND. 13,000 amazing rescues to date!

There is no question that rescue dogs know they were given another chance at life, and they are so   appreciative giving amazing love in return.

Ever since the night of the West Virginia rescue Maggie has changed my life and won my heart we are inseparable my constant companion.  I am so grateful to Brad and John and all the volunteers. What a gift!