Once again, land pilot Mark Britton was behind the wheel, this time headed south to Cumberland, Maryland to pick up quite the group of pups…
While Cumberland, MD was the rendezvous point for pickup, these pups made the journey up from multiple Kentucky Shelters. In total, 18 dogs were rescued, including an entire family of NINE puppies and their Mom Delaney 💞! The dogs hopped aboard the #NoDogLeftBehind–mobile and made their way up to Greenmore Farm Animal Shelter in West Grove, PA.
If you or someone you know is interested in adopting any of these dogs or puppies, please contact Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue at their website: https://www.greenmorerescue.org/Adoptable-Pets
A huge thanks once again to all of our volunteers, supporters, and donors who make missions like these possible.

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