When #NoDogLeftBehind Pilots Jonathan and Pete landed back at our home base and opened the door to the plane our 13,000th animal rescued departed for a special last journey from danger to safety.
Marta had to be surrendered after an overcrowding situation. Her story is heartbreaking but it’s something that a lot of animals face everyday, an uncertain future. While the situations, the locations, and the story’s all change, one thing Is constant. There are thousands of people all over the country who work together everyday day, all day, 356 days a year to give hope to animals. It’s these people, often for whom you never meet, never learn about, that when combined with other like minded Individuals, move mountains to give a second chance to an animal in need.
To all those people, especially those that have worked with our team, volunteered for us, or supported us, we want to thank you for believing in a simple concept that No Dog, No Cat, or No Animal should be left behind.
Thank you to Mayberry 4 Paws and McKean County Spca. for joining us today on this milestone mission for our team. Without shelter partners like you, none of this can happen. Thank you as well to Operations Manager Tiffany and her husband for taking these 23 animals on the last leg of their journey in our Landplane! It is fitting that we were able to make this an Air and Land rescue journey.

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