From danger to safety…
When we started flying missions, we had no idea where this adventure would take us. We just knew that pups were in danger, so we had to help them. Over ten years later, thanks to YOU, we’ve run hundreds of missions and rescued more than 13,000 animals across the country! Just as importantly, we’re stronger than ever and ready to keep flying.
That’s why we’re very excited to make a big announcement. Starting today, we are changing our name to No Dog Left Behind. It reflects the national network of shelter partners we’ve built in our first decade of work. Pittsburgh will always be the heart of our operation, and everything we do is thanks to the love and support of our Steel City volunteers and supporters. Thanks to YOU, our mission is growing. We are excited to see where the next ten plus years takes us!
One more thing….
While the large majority of the animals we have helped over the years have been dogs, we do equally love our little kitties. We are super excited to show you our new Cat logo, No Cat Left Behind! She doesn’t have a nickname yet and we are definitely open to suggestions!
Jonathan & Brad