We are living in unprecedented times. While we all learn to adapt to the new normal the need to help animals is both a much needed service and a reminder for us on how things used to be. Covid-19 has made what we do extremely difficult. What was once routine is now more complicated. When we had the chance to help 23 dogs we took great comfort in getting back into the air to fly animals from Danger to Safety.
No Dog Left Behind Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Pete Lehmann took to the skies in N412AR and flew to Mt. Sterling, Kentucky to help 23 special animals. Axel was going to be put down when their owner tired of him. Leona and Clover were found severely emaciated in an abandoned barn. Mom’s and their puppies were homeless. 23 lives and 23 different stories that touch the hearts of our team. Each one needing something as simple as a ride in an airplane to start a new life.

We want to thank our amazing partners at Morgan County Animal Shelter -West Liberty,Kentucky, Wags To Riches – Helping Animals In Need and Wolfe County Animal Shelter for their tireless work getting these animals off the street and into their shelter. These are organizations that need your support. Please, check out their FB pages and make a donation so they can continue their work.

All of the animals that you see here went to Cross Your Paws Rescue here in Pittsburgh. Please contact them if you are ready to adopt one of these special dogs.

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