Feeding Two And Four Legged Friends

One thing this crisis have shown us time and time again is that there is an inherent quality in all Americans to help each other when times get tough. From volunteers who stand in the pouring rain to help their neighbors, to organizations like 412 Food Rescue whose passion to repurpose unwanted food helps feed those who are struggling. Our desire to help has always been rooted in the idea that by helping animals we can enrich the lives of people. Yesterday we got to watch as the very best of our beliefs were carried out through a partnership between No Dog Left Behind and 412 Food Rescue.

On a rain soaked day we watched as over 800 families receive 40,000 pounds of fresh produce and vegetables, 25,000 pounds of dog food, and 10,000 pounds of milk. We saw first hand that even though we are moving towards a better tomorrow there are still lots of people who need help.

We want to thank the town of McKeesport, their mayor, the police department, and the McKeesport Area High School for opening their arms to us and helping us execute this event. Our volunteers, wow, what can we say, they are amazing. Once again they came out in record force and lifted and placed roughly 75,000 pounds of food into 800 vehicles. Its amazing work and it makes us proud.

Lastly we want to thank our new friends at 412 Food Rescue. These are not easy events to plan and coordinate. Its rare when you meet people who share a lot of your core values and beliefs. 412 Food Rescue is someone we are honored and proud to have served with. In the immortal words of Iceman “You can be our wingman anytime.”

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