Donating 1000 pounds of food to Hound Haven

What makes us special as Americans, even in a time of division and crisis, is the desire to help each other. No Dog Left Behind Landpilot David Stash is someone who wants to help. When our friends at Hound Haven of Lone Pine were running out of dog food we knew that we had to help keep their animals fed. Dave jumped into the Landplane with his mask and gloves in hand and headed out to make a difference.

With a 1000 pounds of food loaded into the Landplane we deployed to Lone Pine, PA to get dog food into the hands of a shelter that needed some help. These missions all have one thing in common, teamwork. Each phase of the process and every step along the way, we see small doses of people trying to do the right thing by helping each other. It is all of our duties to help if we can. Its that spirit of giving that will guide us all through these difficult times.

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