First Flight With Our Next 40,000 Pounds Of Food

After purchasing 40,000 pounds of Nutrish Pet Food yesterday we got to work getting it into the hands of the people who need it most. Last week we sent two planes filled with food to the McKean County Spca. who had run out of food. They reached out again yesterday after having gone through the first batch and needed replenished. With a quick break in a string of upcoming bad flying weather days we jumped at the opportunity to get the food in the air and into the bellies of a bunch of shelter animals.
No Dog Left Behind Pilot Pete Lehmann and his better half Ann Valdes took to the sky in what turned out to be more of a winter day than we anticipated. With roughly 650 pounds of food on board they flew north to Bradford, PA where a team from McKean was waiting at the airport.
It’s been an exhausting 7 days at No Dog Left Behind. Between coordinating flights, endless phone calls with pet food distributors, and a ton of behind the scenes shuffling to pull it all off, we are so proud of the whole team who has pulled off a ton of small miracles. Adjusting to this new way of operating has been a challenge but we seem to have found our groove.
Special thanks to our team, Mary Kennedy Withrow, Brittany Lewkowicz, Don Siegel, Jan Poulton Kerr, Linda Childs, Megan Kuniansky Plesset, Brad Childs, and Jonathan Plesset. While it’s been a challenge we are all a lot closer after some Interesting times on Zoom Videos and Facetime sessions (another story for sure.)
Thank you to everyone who has donated to allow us to purchase this food. Each bag that gets into the hands of someone who needs it has a little piece of all of you inside.

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