Distributing Pet Food To A Ravaged Community

Watching people with masks and gloves on receiving pet food as tears of joy streamed down their faces is a sight that will be forever burned into our memories of this unprecedented time.

A little over 160 people arrived at For Good PGH yesterday as they began distributing the food we donated to them for their community. For No Dog Left Behind Landpilots David Stash and Walter Schwarz it was a moving experience as they spent the day in Braddock helping to distribute something even more precious than the pet food….hope. Car after car of people arrived, some with their furry friends inside, as teams from For Good PGH and No Dog Left Behind worked together to give a community ravaged by this epidemic a brief moment of normalcy.

As we loaded their vehicles, and shared a few words, we couldn’t help but notice that the sad eyes that were staring back at us through the masks when they pulled up turned to happy ones as we watched them drive away. Even though we were all gloved and masked the feeling of love came through.

Thank you For Good PGH for this incredible experience. What you guys do day in and day out to help your community is an inspiration to us all and a beacon of hope both in a time of crisis and out.

We are all united over our shared love of our pets, in our shared desire to keep our families safe, and in the bonds we form as we come together in a crisis. Stay safe friends because better times are ahead.

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