43,000 Pounds Of Food Delivered

A little over ten years ago our very first mission was to deliver 48,000 pounds of food to shelters in Georgia to help prevent animals from being euthanized because of a lack of food. That mission was the birth of the team. Here we are a decade later and we have circled all the way back to the beginning.

Since our team has been shut down because of the Corona Virus we have been trying to find a way in which we can make an impact and simultaneously keep everyone safe while maintaining a no contact policy. Helping keep people’s pets fed while they go through this difficult time is our main goal. We have always been there to help shelters prevent animals from being euthanized. Now we have switched gears to help prevent people from having to give up their beloved pets because they can no longer afford to feed them.

A few days ago our Board approved the purchase of 43,000 pound of dog and cat food which we took delivery of today. This food will be distributed to those in need through our partners. Tomorrow morning the first delivery will take place when we head to the Free Store 15104 in Braddock to donate a palette of this food. From there people whose lives have been turned upside down can get some much needed support from our team and the incredible people at the Free Store!

We need your help! If anyone has a forklift in the Braddock area and can meet us there to help unload please send us a direct message. This will help keep people safe.

Special thanks to Lads Pet Supply for making this happen in record time. You guys are amazing. 

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