Saving Pete

A few weeks ago, before all our world’s were turned upside down, we had a very unique mission to save our Chief Pilot Pete who was stranded. It was originally going to be a fun video for April Fools day. While the story was real, and this was an actual mission, we were really kind of spoofing ourselves and our rescue videos. We thought long and hard about releasing this today. We decided to share it because we think we all could use some light hearted entertainment.

As you have probably noticed we too have been affected by this shutdown. We are still at work though trying to find ways in which we can help. Hopefully in a few days we can get back to doing what we love to do, helping animals and the people whose lives they enrich. Until then please be safe, take care of yourselves and your families.

As pilots we are always looking for that break in the clouds, that path to clear and smooth air that may be just beyond the darkness. We may get scared or nervous, but we are always confident that the break will come and we will fly into that bright blue sky from the darkness. For all of us, that break is out there and the day will come again soon when the world goes back to some degree of normal, with endless days of nothing but blue sky on top and calm breezes behind.

Take care friends, we miss you.

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Saving Pete: Our First Human Rescue

Watch the story on No Dog Left Behind TV below!