Two-No Dog Left Behind Land Mission Pilots Work Hard to Get 36 Displaced Dogs From Danger to Safety


No Dog Left Behind is working with the Sister Shelter WayStation Program to move displaced dogs from several overpopulated shelters throughout Ohio. No Dog Left Behind will transport these lovely dogs to St. Hubert in the New Jersey area where there are more resources to tend to these animals and opportunity for them to get into their FURever homes. 

The Sister Shelter Waystation Program is leading the way for shelters in the Northeast who have both the capacity and the potential adopters to accept animals from overburdened organizations where lower population density and a lack of affordable, accessible spay/neuter services result in homeless dog numbers that far exceed available homes.


The Shelters We’re Helping

It’s great when we get to participate in a rescue mission with so many other amazing organizations. Great things are truly achieved when working together. 

We have Sierra’s Haven for New and Used Pets, Paris Animal Welfare Society and Franklin County Humane Society sending animals and St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center will be receiving these in New Jersey.

Sierra’s Haven is a group of volunteers working together to help find safe, loving homes for adoptable pets since 2006. They have made a huge difference in the lives of thousands of animals. Whether they were strays or animals needing medical attention, Sierra’s treated, spayed/neutered, and found wonderful homes for these dogs. 

Additionally, Franklin County Humane Society is contracted by the city of Frankfort for animal control services. They work to care for the area’s homeless animals and find homes for as many as possible. Paris Animal Welfare Society (which likely has the best acronym in animal rescue – PAWS) has been helping animals over the last 27 years get off the streets, get medical help and hopefully get into homes! 


Our Team’s Journey

A special thanks to Mark Britton, Dave Turner, Fran Ruppen, and Dana Foust who worked tirelessly through this past weekend’s series of intense heat and powerful storms to relocate these dogs. Luckily, our part Landplane is equipped with amazing safety/emergency protocol along with all the necessary tools to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers (dogs, cats, etc.) through harsh conditions as well as a list of locations of all of the VCA Animal Hospitals along our route in case of escalated emergencies. The team was successfully able to transport the dogs from Ohio to New Jersey – a 2 day and 1,000+ mile round trip journey. Occasionally using Adaptil spray for calming the dogs, we got them to their end location safe and sound. 

These animals are now safe and sound at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center and are available to adopt. For any of you that are interested in adopting a new animal, please contact St. Hubert’s as there are some truly amazing dogs that have just ended up there!