No Dog Left Behind is off again! The ground team had suited up and transported dogs from Kentucky to Pennsylvania and New York. Due to food shortage at the Morgan County shelter, the team also loaded up with donations from Cross Your Paws to restock the shelter with food supplies! Let’s take a look at the breakdown for this recent Rescue Mission:

Rescue Mission Code Name: Kilo Yankee 4.7.19

Transit Mode: Ground / Landplane

Location: Kentucky

Rescue Animals: Dogs

Number of Animals: 13

No Dog Left Behind Mission Background:

All 13 of these dogs in Kentucky were on the list to be euthanized but not if No Dog Left Behind has a say in it. The team was assembled and are ready to deploy. We took the landplane on a nearly 800-mile roundtrip to Morgan County Animal Shelter to pick up dogs from there and surrounding shelters to relocate back to Pennsylvania to give these animals a chance at a future life.

Pre-Rescue Kentucky Mission - 4.7

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These 13 dogs will be received by Cross Your Paws Rescue, Pals 4 Pets and 2 Ladies 4 Paws Rescue until they finally make their way to a loving home.

Get to know the dogs:

These 13 dogs, including five dogs from the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Center Prison program were brought to Pittsburgh. Some of these dogs went to Cross your Paws’s. One little guy whose father has Alzheimer’s and had to give him up went to 2 Ladies 4 Paws. The rest of these amazing dogs including the dogs from the correction center program are going to Pal’s 4 Pets and Kendall New York. 

Let’s take a look at these dogs and see where they’re coming from and where they’re going:

From NAME WEIGHT Going to
WTR KiKi 12 Cross Your Paws
WTR LITTER OF 4 15 Cross Your Paws
Wolfe Sonny 15 Cross Your Paws
Wolfe Bocephus 59 Cross Your Paws
Wolfe June (unconfirmed) 35 Cross Your Paws
Wolfe July (unconfirmed) 40 Cross Your Paws
Morgan Grover 46 Cross Your Paws
Wolfe Spike 15 2 Ladies 4 Paws
Morgan Saydee U Pals 4 Pets
Morgan Crosby 26 Pals 4 Pets
Morgan Piglet 57 Pals 4 Pets
Morgan Morgan 28 Pals 4 Pets

These dogs vary in size and breed but share a common trait – in need of a loving home. Please contact one of the receiving shelters for more information on the dog and to discuss adoption. Contact information for these shelters are below:

Cross Your Paws

West Lake Road, Irwin, PA 15642



2 Ladies 4 Paws

125 Hidden Hollow Rd, Dilliner, PA 15327



Pals 4 Pets

2256 Kendall Rd, Kendall, NY 14476



Rescue Team Credits:

Jim Moran
Shelley Clement
Lisa Thomas (Pittsburgh to Meadville)
Jennifer Trancraitor (Pittsburgh to Meadville)
Transport Coordinators
Mary Withrow
Brittany Lewkowicz