25 dogs and 4 Landpilots made it out of heavy rains and flooding just in time on Friday while on a mission to North Carolina and Virginia. As heavy rains pounded parts of Virginia and waters continued to rise and eventually flood our Landpilots knew they needed to get to our friends at PACC Rescue to help some dogs who were in their own race against time. Group 1 consisted of Student pilot and first timer Brittany Lewkowicz and Captain Dennis Bayne​ who set out on Thursday and spent the night in a local hotel so they could get an early start. Group 2 – Jim Moran​ and our Executive Director Mary Kennedy Withrow decided to start their journey in the wee hours on Friday morning.

Group 1 arrived at the Humane Society of Catawba County​ and loaded up the first crew that were going on to find their forever homes with our good friend Tammy VanMeter at the Adams County SPCA​! From there they headed to Dublin VA and our friends at PACC Rescue where they bumped into No Dog Left Behind Group 2 Mary and Jim! There we loaded up more dogs and pups and Brittany and Dennis headed up to Gettysburg to Adams County and would then head over to Cross Your Paws Rescue​ in Irwin PA. A long day for them in soaking wet clothes! Mary and Jim headed straight back to Cross Your Paws with very precious cargo – among them a Momma and her 6 beautiful puppies.

For us at No Dog Left Behind, we get to meet some really amazing people in our travels. To say there are unsung heroes out there is an understatement. Missy Viars​ of PAAC Rescue, and Lisa Duffy​ of Cross Your Paws are just two of those people. We are happy to be the conduit of the rescue missions that help you fulfill your missions and we applaud you! On the sending end precious animal lives are saved, while on the receiving end the lives of humans are so enriched by the animals that will become a part of their every day life. What a beautiful thing in so many ways when you bring animals from danger to safety.

Thank you to everyone involved in this rescue especially our selfless, dedicated, amazing volunteers. Without you guys none of this happens. We love all of you!

This rescue mission and all of our others happen at no charge to our rescue partners because of the support of our community. You can be a part of our community, the No Dog Left Behind family, by coming out to celebrate animals with us at our Dog Days of Summer 2018 event sponsored by VCA Hospitals on Saturday August 25th at the Allegheny County Airport. For more information visit: https://paart.auction-bid.org/microsite/register-tickets