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PAART Rescue Activity

10 Animals And One Special Mission

When we got the call that a shelter was in trouble and needed to clear their animals asap we jumped in with both feet. After helping 6 animals from the shelter the day before, in between another rescue mission, we decided to send a second team. 10 animals who needed to be helped, or they […]

Double Mission

We are in the midst of responding to an emergency overcrowding situation at a shelter in Virginia. We have a team arriving today along with this team that arrived yesterday. 6 dogs were loaded up along the way as the team headed to another rescue mission within this same trip. 41 animals are now safely […]

9000 Animals Rescued

It’s fitting that for the 9000th animal our team has rescued it was a mission that saw the Airteam and Landteam join forces to help 30 guinea pigs and 6 rats find salvation from inhumane conditions. PAART Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Rebecca Mihalcik first flew to Philadelphia to where 36 animals were waiting with the […]

40 dogs and a Butterfly

A reunion for a lost dog, 39 dogs needing a second chance, and 1 Monarch Butterfly who had to go south to survive, yup…another incredible PAART Mission that we cant wait to share. PAART Landpilots Mark Britton and Carolyn Jochymek started the mission on Monday by meeting up Maggie, a dog that had been lost […]

A Special Reunion

There is no better feeling that reuniting a lost dog with their owner. Imagine waiting and wondering for over a year where your best friend went. Late last night we had the honor to help Maggie find her way home.


Their bodies might have been broken but nothing could break their souls. 5 dogs were found with severe malnutrition, evidence that they had been being used for a fight ring, and chained up outside on a rural property. It’s something we have seen before and it’s these kinds of stories that hang heavy on our […]


In light of the events of the past 24 hours its hard to even think about talking about anything else other than the tragedy we as Pittsburgher’s experienced. It’s easy to forget in moments like these that evil people only make a tiny percentage of our community. This is not the norm, rather this is […]

Learn About The Help We Received From Rachael Ray

Rescue Requests and Donations


Number of Animals Rescued

Dogs: 8276
Cats: 622
Sea Turtles: 65
Guinea Pigs: 46
Chickens: 41
Rats: 10
Monarch Butterfly: 1

Learn About The PAART Story

Land Rescue Mission

5000th Animal Rescued Mission

Flying Around Pittsburgh