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PAART Rescue Activity

8 Chickens Rescued

Did you know that chickens prefer classic rock? We didn’t either until we had 8 rescued chickens on a PAART Transport with Landpilots Rachel Logan and Amber Porter. 8 chickens made the journey from Danger to Safety yesterday on mission that started at 3:45am. Rachel and Amber made their way to Sate College, PA to […]

9 Dogs Reunited With Their Owners

Almost a year later and we are still feeling the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria. Imagine having to flee your home to save your life but in the process you have to leave your pet behind. Its heartbreaking to think but that is what happens. Hope has come though for those people who had to […]

63 Dogs In Honor of Adat Shalom 4th Graders

63 dogs packed up their toys and hopped onboard the new PAART Landplane and headed north from Tennessee to Pittsburgh on a journey from danger to safety! The mission was sponsored and done in honor of the 4th grade class at Adat Shalom Pittsburgh. The students raised money to sponsor their very own rescue mission […]

20 from Danger to Safety

20 doggies went from danger to safety with three amazing Landpilots who pulled off a complicated but rewarding mission. Jim Moran, Rachel Logan and Michelle McGregor teamed up in the new PAART Landplane to help 20 tiny souls get the second chance they need to find their furever homes. The day started before sunrise as […]

32 animal rescue mission.

18 cats and 14 dogs made a second chance journey from danger to safety thanks to two amazing PAART Landpilots, Jessa Gabler and Lisa Thomas. With three Landplanes we can now run missions back to back to back with minimal downtime in between. On Sunday we completed 3 missions over 3 days. Jessa and Lisa […]

27 Dog Mission to Kentucky

27 animals went from danger to safety thanks to PAART Landpilots Jim Moran and Dennis Bayne. Believe it or not people always ask us why we are helping animals when people need help as well. Its really a simple explanation, helping animals helps people. Think about the person for whom their animal is their whole […]

7 Guinea Pigs and 4 Rats Saved

11 animals, 7 Guinea Pigs and 4 Rats, took a first class ride from danger to safety with Landpliots Rachel Logan and Kelly Genovese. The two Landpilots took the disaster relief pickup truck and headed to meet the Central Missouri Humane Society where these 11 needed our help and the new chance to find their […]

Dog Days of Summer 2018 Tickets Now Available!!!

Tickets to our Dog Days of Summer 2018 sponosred by VCA Hospitals are now on sale!

PAART Event Ticketing Website

Learn About The Help We Received From Rachael Ray

Rescue Requests and Donations


Number of Animals Rescued

Dogs: 7164
Cats: 581
Sea Turtles: 65
Guinea Pigs: 11
Chickens: 8
Rats: 4

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5000th Animal Rescued Mission

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