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PAART Rescue Activity

Special 11 dog air rescue mission

11 dogs made the flight from danger to safety with PAART Pilots Brad Childs and Jonathan Plesset. On a sunny Sunday morning a flight to Moorhead, Kentucky was on the radar where hope was delivered to a mom who just gave birth to 7 puppies and 3 adult dogs who needed a chance outside the […]

Beautiful follow-up story

For 6 years we have been trying to help animals who need a second chance. Along the way we have laughed, we have been angry, tired, and have shed more than a few tears. The reward is obviously watching these animals move on from danger to safety,. But as time has gone on, and we […]

7 Dog Rescue Mission

7 dogs faced the worst possible news and our team scrambled to reach out and help. We received a tearful call from an old friend who had word that there was “inventory being taken” on the dogs at her rural shelter and could we please help out! We called on our partners at Adams County […]

23 Dog Rescue Mission

23 dogs went from Danger to Safety over busy weekend with our volunteer team! First up – Ralph Harlan Jr and Dan Wald took off Friday for Kentucky so they could head to the shelter bright and early on Saturday morning to pick up these pups! Our friends in Kentucky, Michele Elam Caldwell and Tonya […]

25 Cat Rescue Mission

25 cats are waking up to a second chance today thanks to Landpilots David Stash and Dennis Bayne. Cats need special care and attention on transports and Dave and Dennis’s calm demeanor and love of animals was the perfect match for this mission. Each carrier inside the Landplane was sprayed with Feliway to calm the […]

Kenny Chesney Rescue

12 dogs from the Humane Society of St Thomas made a special trip with Kenny Chesney’s Love for Love City foundation yesterday on a private plane with dozens of other animals who were in need of desperate help while the island continues to recover from this Falls devastating hurricanes. While the story is no longer […]

11 Dog Air Mission

11 dogs flew in first class on their way from danger to safety as we welcomed back the PAART Airplane! After a long winter of upgrades and fixes to the plane she is back online. Early this morning PAART Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Lisa Acquaviva Pollock departed Allegheny County Airport(KAGC) for Morehead, Kentucky(KSYM) where 11 […]

All Paws On Deck

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Number of Animals Rescued

Dogs: 6706
Cats: 461
Sea Turtles: 65

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