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PAART Rescue Activity

52 dog rescue

52 dogs boarded our Landplane for a second chance journey from danger to safety with Landpilots David Stash and David Turner. The team headed out to West Liberty, KY yesterday to help 52 dogs each of whom have a story that would melt your heart. 4 of these puppies were last minute additions to the […]

49 Animals Have Hope

How did 49 animals get a second chance and a new beginning? How does this all happen? It starts with two amazing PAART Volunteer Landpilots, Dennis Bayne and Tim Bouvy who spent two days on the road so 49 animals can eventually go to a furever home. These missions, of which we do about 100 […]

61 Lives Changed

What would you do to give hope to 61 dogs. Would you drive 1236 miles over 2 days if it meant that each one would be able to have a second chance? PAART Landpilots David Stash and David Turner jumped at the opportunity to make a difference for these animals. The duo set out for […]


From Fox 22’s On the Point: PITTSBURGH — It happens outside an airplane hangar at the Allegheny County Airport, dozens of dogs arriving from Memphis, Tenn. This live rescue mission is the work of a local organization made up of volunteers. “There are a lot of logistics involved,” PAART Executive Director Mary Withrow says. The […]

Double Mission

25 dogs and 4 Landpilots made it out of heavy rains and flooding just in time on Friday while on a mission to North Carolina and Virginia. As heavy rains pounded parts of Virginia and waters continued to rise and eventually flood our Landpilots knew they needed to get to our friends at PACC Rescue to help […]

61 Animals Rescued

61 dogs and puppies took the last train FROM Clarksville TN yesterday with Landpilot Captain Jim Moran and student pilot but no newbie to transport Mark Britton! Everyone arrived safely at Allegheny County Airport last night and were handed off to our friends at North Shore Animal League America in Long Island NY where they […]

Another Rescue Failure

14 little beauties hopped on the new PAART Landplane full of hopes and dreams as they made the journey from our amazing friends at Wags 2 Riches Dog Rescue in West Liberty, Kentucky to our other equally amazing friends at Cross Your Paws Rescue and Steel City Dog Rescue in Western PA! Landpilot Captain Dennis […]

Dog Days of Summer 2018 Tickets Now Available!!!

Tickets to our Dog Days of Summer 2018 sponosred by VCA Hospitals are now on sale!

PAART Event Ticketing Website

Learn About The Help We Received From Rachael Ray

Rescue Requests and Donations


Number of Animals Rescued

Dogs: 7611
Cats: 581
Sea Turtles: 65
Guinea Pigs: 14
Chickens: 8
Rats: 4

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5000th Animal Rescued Mission

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