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PAART Rescue Activity

7 Tosas and 7 Goldens

For complicated missions we call in the Disaster Relief and Rescue Team or Team DIRT as we like to call them. Landpilots Teresa Gamble, Ralph Harlan Jr, and Mindy Wirick are on the home stretch of a mission that left Pittsburgh on Thursday night. The trio took the Disaster Relief and Rescue Trailer to Sarasota, […]

Mission Donated By Kids

We find comfort in knowing that a future generation of animal lovers is in good hands and ready one day to take over for us all. 18 animals made a life saving second chance journey from danger to safety thanks to a group of kids at Ben Franklin Elementary School in Indiana, PA. Students in […]

31 Dogs Saved

Would you spend two days on the road to help give 31 dogs a second chance? This is a question you have to ask yourself. PAART Landpilots Mindy Wirick and Dan Wald can answer it for you though. The duo left Monday night for Martinsville, VA and spent the night with dreams of puppy breathe […]


No Dog Left Behind. Its something we hold sacred to our mission. Last week our friends Chris and Adam from Humane Society International showed us the meaning of those words. In the midst of planning to fly to Tortola, BVI and bring 41 animals and the guys home one dog stood out from the rest. […]

Mission to Tortola, BVI

When the last animal was loaded up and put into the plane a sense of relief swept over our team. 23 cats and 18 dogs were on board along with Humane Society International workers Adam and Chris who have worked tirelessly for the past few weeks to help the animals of Tortola, BVI survive while […]

A Quick Mission for an old Friend

Sometimes its the little missions that remind us of the incredible feeling we get from the actual rescue, the flight, and the camaraderie we have amongst each other and other groups. We got a call from one of the first groups we worked with when we just had started out as an official 501c(3), Forever […]

Rescuing The Rescuers

Imagine being stuck on a hurricane ravaged island for 2 weeks surviving on rice and water while living in a house with no roof. Animal rescuers Chris and Adam have been helping animals on the small island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands which was completely devastated by Hurricane Maria. Stranded without any means […]

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Number of Animals Rescued

Dogs: 6081
Cats: 382
Sea Turtles: 65

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