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PAART Rescue Activity

Western PA School for the Deaf Rescue Mission

24 dogs have a second chance and a new start thanks to the students at the The Western Pennsylvania School For The Deaf. These amazing kids raised money to sponsor their own rescue mission. Their hard work and dedication to help make a difference resulted in this special mission to give hope to 24 dogs […]

The 7000th animal rescued

81 dogs made a second chance journey with our incredible volunteer team. One of those dogs was the 7000th we have rescued. Its an amazing feeling to see that number and we want to thank everyone who has helped get us there. The sacrifice, the teamwork, the passion, without that there is no PAART. For […]

25 Dog Rescue

25 dogs had a simple choice, either move or become another statistic. PAART Landpilots Lisa and MIchael Duffy, Lisa Thomas, and Lori Carey were determined to give these 25 animals a second chance and a new purpose. All of them special dogs with beautiful stories. 4 of these dogs were even specially trained by inmates […]

21 Cat Rescue

21 cats who had run out of time have a second chance thanks to Landpilots Mary Kennedy Withrow and Don Siegel. We got an urgent call from our friends Animal Friends of Barbour County about their shelter being extremely over capacity. Its times like these that our team is needed the most. There was only […]

15 Dog Rescue and An Adoption!

The longer animals sit in a shelter waiting to be adopted the harder it becomes psychologically. This is a central issue for all of us in Animal Rescue. 15 dogs who were some of the longest tenured in the shelter was the target of a rescue mission that PAART Landpilots Jim Moran and Lisa Thomas […]

26 Dog Rescue

26 dogs overcame weather delays, frozen shelter pipes and a four day postponement but are on their way to a second chance and a new beginning with the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team. PAART Pilots Kate Blakley and Cara Giannanandrea have been on the road for 10 plus hours to give these animals something they […]

34 Animals Rescued After Shelter Loses Heat

Temps in the single digits, a shelter without heat, and a box of puppies found in a field by a hunter. Its a nightmare scenario and one that required immediate help from our Team. PAART Landpilots Don Siegel and Kelly Kincaid braved the freezing cold, unexpected snow squalls, and winds that rocked the Landplane to […]

All Paws On Deck

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Number of Animals Rescued

Dogs: 6583
Cats: 436
Sea Turtles: 65

PAART Dogumentary

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5000th Animal Rescued