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PAART Rescue Activity

6 Dog Air Rescue

6 dogs hopped on a plane for a new beginning yesterday thanks to PAART Pilots Pete Lehmann and Bradley Mountain. Two days after a long mission Pete and Brad jumped at the chance to go again to help these 6 on their journey from Danger to Safety. The duo flew from Pittsburgh to Huntington, WV […]

23 Dogs to Canada

23 dogs took a second chance ride with PAART Landpilots Peg Cannon and Kathy Yarnick. Very early Friday morning the ladies met up with a team from Mayberry 4 Paws in Bridgeville, PA. 23 Canada bound dogs hopped on the Landplane for their journey north to a new beginning. Late yesterday the team arrived at […]

Inspiring 6 dog air mission

Everyday we learn about new ways in which animals impact our lives. Early today 6 animals boarded our PAART Plane for a flight with PAART Pilots Pete Lehmann and Bradley Mountain. The story behind this rescue is one that reminds us why each animal matters, why each mission has a deeper meaning for both the […]

29 Dog Rescue

At 3:30AM on Saturday morning PAART Landpilots Teresa Gamble and Brandon Lyda set out to change the lives of 29 dogs. The team left in the middle of the night to try and make a 1000 mile journey in one day. They arrived in the Landplane in Huntington, WV where 29 dogs had gathered from […]

43 Dogs and 13 Cats…and a lot of poop.

43 dogs and 13 cats have a new lease on life thanks to PAART Landpilots Paula Zetter and Lori Skovranko. The ladies braved one of our biggest fears, extreme poop and pee passengers. On Monday morning they set out on a two day mission to Martinsville, VA to meet 56 animals who were gathered from […]

6 Dog Air Rescue Mission

40 mph gusting winds didn’t stop PAART Pilot Pete Lehmann from giving hope to 6 dogs. Pete made the brave flight in severe conditions because these 6 animals needed to find a new beginning. Today they have that new start. Pete flew down early today to meet The Paws Squad in Charelston, WV. Once the […]

Come along with us on an 8 dog air rescue.

8 dogs from an overcrowded shelter got a second chance at a new life today thanks to PAART Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Michael Cohen. A flight to Huntington, WV and back, combined with a flight to Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue by pilot Jack Merritt was all it took to save these young pups. These dogs […]

All Paws On Deck

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Introducing the Rescue Trailer

The PAART Disaster Relief and Rescue Trailer is here! Learn more about this exciting addition to the PAART Team.

Number of Animals Saved

Dogs: 5194
Cats: 333
Sea Turtles: 65

PAART Dogumentary

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5000th Animal Rescued