All paws on deck!

We started PAART with one plane and a few pilots. So many people instantly wanted to help. People came aboard and put their heart and soul into this organization. From landpilots who drive thousands of miles, to pilots who risk detrimental weather, to community outreach event staff who give up time with their family on a Sunday to help spread the word, they all share one goal: NO DOG LEFT BEHIND.

PAART is expanding, and we are actively looking for volunteers to assist with our transports, community outreach and fundraising. If you have the right stuff and a desire to help animals please contact Mary Withrow at

Types of Volunteers

Pilot volunteers put the “Aviation” in Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team. Pilots fly from Pittsburgh to the surrounding areas to help bring animals from danger to safety, as our mission statement says. Our pilots are an invaluable part of PAART and our team. Click here to fill out the Pilot Application. 

At PAART, you are not a driver — you are a “landpilot” piloting our rescue van, or landplane as we like to call it, and the various animals it contains so there is no dog left behind. You can play a vital role in providing safety to thousands of animals. If you have a perfect driving record, you can run missions and rescue as many as 70 dogs and cats at a time. Click here to fill out the Landpilot Application.

Community Outreach
PAART is a grassroots organization. We actively search for opportunities where we can spread word of our mission to raise awareness of our cause in and beyond Pittsburgh. By staffing a booth or table at local events, you can help us educate the community, cultivate our support network and grow our volunteer team.

Provide manpower support to our fundraising events. Volunteers assigned to our Dog Days of Summer annual fundraiser manned a bar dressed as Pan Am flight attendants, staffed a merchandise table, greeted attendees, sold raffle tickets and filled a bunch of other behind the scenes roles necessary to pull off a successful event. We also host smaller fundraisers throughout the year, so there are many opportunities to get involved.

As a budding non-profit organization run mostly by those who are also employed full time and running businesses of their own, there is much work to be done to keep things in order administratively. Whether logging volunteer hours or thanking our donors, the administrative team helps keep the tail in order so that the organization can keep doing pawsitive work!

We need the love of all of our supporters. Use the power of social media to show your support and enlist others in our mission to leave no dog behind. By following us on social media and sharing our stories, you help us extend our reach worldwide!