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Becoming an animal rescue pilot is one of the best uses for your pilots license. Each year we fly animals from danger to safety all over the East Coast. Becoming a No Dog Left Behind Pilot is an exciting and challenging endeavor. In 2019 No Dog Left Behind was awarded a fuel waiver to reimburse pilots for fuel and other expenses on rescue flights. This waiver, which can be found here, has rules and qualifications you must be able to meet in order to become a No Dog Left Behind Pilot and fly our Mahindra Airvan GA8. The following will explain the process and the qualifications needed. We encourage you to apply and can’t wait to watch you take to the sky to help bring animals to safety.


No Dog Left Behind does not employ any for hire pilots to fly rescue missions. All of our flying is done as Part 91. If you want to fly for us you will be donating your time. In order to meet the qualifications of the waiver you must have accrued 50 hours in the airplane type you are flying. If you do not meet that 50 hours you are not able to fly under our waiver. Applicants can however choose to build their 50 hours in the No Dog Left Behind Plane with our team outside of the waiver if the pilot assumes his/her prorated portion of the variable costs of the flight (Fuel, Oil, Ect)

Pilots who have 50 hours in other types of aircraft who wish to fly for our team under the waiver are eligible to participate. The minimum aircraft size we can accept is 6 passenger planes or larger. 4 passenger planes are not able to carry the types of loads we require. Please read the How To Qualify section for details. 

For any type of flying for No Dog Left Behind, either in your own plane or ours, or under the waiver or outside of the waiver, you must meet these minimum pilotage thresholds.

  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • IFR Certificate
  • 500 Hours Of Total Time
  • 400 Hours Of PIC Time
  • No FAA violations in the past 10 years
  • Complex Endorsement
  • Current BFR and IFR Reviews
  • IFR Current

Volunteer pilots who wish to participate in the No Dog Left Behind Fuel Reimbursement Program are required to adhere to qualifications and requirements listed in FAA Exemption No. 18056. 

Volunteer pilots who would like to take part in the program must meet the following requirements:  

  • Read and understand “Exemption 18056” dated November 09, 2018.  
  • Complete the Fuel Reimbursement Program Opt-In document. This is a one-time requirement.  You and your CFI must complete the proficiency checklist, which is an annual requirement. You must check off all items, and discuss requirements which you do not fly.  
  • Provide a copy of your Pilot’s License
  • Provide a copy of your class II medical. This is an annual requirement.  
  • Provide a certificate of the completion of your aircraft‘s last annual inspection. This is an annual requirement.  
  • Provide a copy of your last IPC. This must have been completed within the past 12 months and is an annual requirement for this program.
  • Provide proof of a Flight Review for the same aircraft category and class of the aircraft being flown.
  • Provide proof of a Flight Review in the No Dog Left Behind GA8 Airvan if being flown.  
  • Provide proof that the pilot has flown 50 hours in the last 12 months
  • Provide proof that the pilot has flown 12 hours in the last 3 months or has received 2 hours of dual instruction.  
  • Provide proof of having 50 hours time in type of the aircraft you are flying 
  • Provide a copy of the completion certificate of the on line AOPA “IFR Insights – A Practical Approach”. This is a one time requirement.  
  • Provide a copy of the completion certificate of the online AOPA “Public Benefit Flying”. This is a one-time requirement.

In order to fly for us under the fuel waiver you must read and understand the Fuel Waiver document. Please download this PDF and read it. If you have questions please email and one of our pilots will get back to you.  

The No Dog Left Behind Plane: GippsAero Airvan GA8

Our 2018 No Dog Left Behind Airvan GA8 is the workhorse of our aviation fleet. The Airvan is a 8 passenger short haul cargo plane built in Australia.  The plane cruises at 120kts and with an 87 gallon fuel capacity it has a five hour range. When we fly animals all of the seats are removed giving us space to fit a variety of crates inside. The Airvan has a clean safety record and is as simple to fly as a Cessna 182. The cockpit features modern avionics:

  • G500 PFD/MFD
  • GTN750
  • GTN650
  • JPI Engine Monitor
  • King Integrated Autopilot (can fly coupled ILS, RNAV, and Visual Approaches. 

Safety is our main concern. Each pilot will have to go through a rigorous checkout with our chief pilot and maintain a level of safety and professionalism on par with most Part 135 operations. We voluntarily submit the plane for 100 hour inspections and no expense is sparred. Your safety, and the safety of our animals is our top priority. Please refer the to rules of operation for more details. Pilots who wish to fly must be proficient in the operation of a Gramin glass cockpit. If you are below 500 hour, 400 PIC, and without an IFR rating you are not approved to fly the plane. In addition, until you meet the requirements of the fuel waiver you will be responsible for paying the variable costs of each flight. 

See the No Dog Left Behind Airvan in Action

Watch and actual No Dog Left Behind Rescue Mission

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