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Do you love to take road trips?  Do you want to rescue animals?  Why not do both by becoming a No Dog Left Behind Landpilot!  The backbone of our organization consists of our dedicated Landpilots.  By becoming one, you will actively be able to rescue animals from dangerous situations and bring them to safety.  Landpilots drive one of our two rescue vehicles outfitted with the most up to date safety equipment and supplies.  All expenses from the trip are covered by No Dog Left Behind including food, lodging, and gas.

The requirements to become a No Dog Left Behind Land Pilot are as follows:

  • 18 years or older
  • Have a clean driving record
  • Physically be able to drive long distances
  • Be comfortable driving or learning how to drive the No Dog Left Behind box truck and transit van
  • Have the ability to take and send pictures on your cell phone
  • Be comfortable driving with another No Dog Left Behind volunteer
  • Must follow all No Dog Left Behind rules and guidelines as well as Corporate Air policies while on airport property.
  1. Box Truck:  The box truck is able to fit about 30-60 animals depending on size and weight.  Typical missions with the box truck consist of around 20-40 animals.  The back of the box truck is separated from the cab, but has a sliding door in-between so you can check to make sure the animals are all doing well.  There is a powerful HVAC system in the back of the truck to keep the animals at a comfortable temperature.  Up front, the box truck has two seats and is equipped with everything you will need including heat/AC, cruise control, a GPS, EZPass, phone charger, and snacks. Driving the box truck is easier than you would think and just takes a bit of practice to get used to it.
  2. Transit Van:  The transit van is able to fit about 30-40 animals depending on size and weight.  A typical mission with the van consists of about 15 animals.  There is no partition between the two driver seats and the open back area so it can get a little noisy sometimes.  (There are earplugs available in the van!)  The back area is equipped with an additional HVAC system to keep the animals comfortable.  Up front, the van has a heated driver seat, heat/AC, cruise control, a GPS, EZPass, phone charger, snacks, and everything else you will need for a trip.  Driving the transit van is relatively easy and most find it similar to any large van.  Just remember, the transit van takes DIESEL FUEL, not gasoline. 
  3. Rental Vehicle:  On occasion, No Dog Left Behind will rent a vehicle from our local Enterprise.  This will only happen if there is an emergency mission and our two others are unavailable.  The rental vehicles will also be equipped with everything you will need for the trip.

After having driven a few missions and proven that you want and are able to lead a mission effectively, you will receive the status of “Captain”.  As captain, you will be the leader of the mission, ensuring the safety of you and your co-pilot as well as the animals on board. You will need to keep track of all paperwork and make sure the correct information and pictures are sent to the transport coordinators.  When there are new volunteers needing to be trained, it will be your responsibility to show them the ropes.  Captain status is determined by No Dog Left Behind staff.

Will I ever have to go alone on a No Dog Left Behind mission?

No, we ALWAYS send two drivers on each mission.  One driver is always a Captain.  We will never send two inexperienced volunteers together.

Will I get my own hotel room?

Yes, each driver for the mission will get their own hotel room. 

What should I bring on a mission?

Each vehicle will be equipped with everything needed for the trip.  Drivers only need to bring items they require to stay overnight at a hotel.  Suggested items include a change of clothes, PJs, toiletries, sweatshirt, extra snacks, and any medications or supplements.  Some snacks are provided in the vehicle and all meals are covered by No Dog Left Behind.  If you bring a reusable water bottle or a mug, not only is it better for the environment, but most gas stations and coffee shops with only charge you a small fee.

Are there any licensing requirements to drive No Dog Left Behind vehicles?

There are no special licenses required to drive the No Dog Left Behind vehicles.  As long as you have a current Class C license with a clean driving record, you are able to drive our vehicles.

If I am stopped by a police officer for a driving violation, will No Dog Left Behind pay for my ticket?

No, each volunteer is responsible for any driving violations.

Can I post about a mission on social media before No Dog Left Behind does?

No, we do ask that you allow No Dog Left Behind to post about the mission before you do so on your personal page.

Can I adopt a dog I transport?

Yes, volunteers are welcome to adopt any animal from a No Dog Left Behind transport, but must go through the rescue that is receiving the animal and follow their adoption process.

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