One the most dangerous parts of flying is the weather. When a change in the forecast puts our ability to help 33 dogs at risk the Air Team turned to Land Team to help complete a mission to bring animals from Danger to Safety.

The weather was supposed to clear up so Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Pete Lehmann took off from Allegheny County Airport with low visibility. A short hop through the clouds and the team was on top with a blanket of clouds below stretching for hundreds of miles. This was not what was forecasted.

With bad weather to the north the mission could not be completed with an arrival in Meadville later that day. The only hope was the Land Team springing to action with Land Pilot father and son team Jim and Alex Moran standing by to take the Landplane north to meet our friends at Pals4Pets Rescue Inc. These special animals would be going to Veterans and we couldn’t let anything stand in the way.

This is the last mission of 2019. What an incredible way to end the year with our Air and Ground team working together to make sure each of these special animals can begin the new year with a second chance.

Special thanks to Morgan County Animal Shelter -West Liberty,Kentucky, Wags To Riches – Helping Animals In Need, and the Wolfe County Animal Shelter for their tireless work on this mission and all throughout 2019. You guys and girls are the best!

All of these animals will be available from Cross Your Paws Rescue and Pals 4 Pets. Please contact them if you wish to adopt.

On behalf of the entire team we want to wish all of you a Happy New Year filled with puppy kisses and wagging tails.