23 dogs and 2 cats went from danger to safety thanks to several No Dog Left Behind volunteers.

Land pilots Val Jackson and Dave Stash started the trip by heading to Portsmouth, Ohio. After a stop to sleep, the pair woke up bright and early to meet the fine folks at Sierra’s Haven for New and Used Pets. Val & Dave loaded up the precious pups who also came from Paris Animal Welfare Society and Menifee Co Animal Shelter.

This was a long trip and we needed to switch teams. Luckily, Dave Stash volunteered (again) for the second leg of the trip along with Walter Schwarz. The team headed to Belle Vernon where they switched trucks and then started the journey to Madison, New Jersey. They dropped off the 23 pups with our friends at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center.

Two kitties were also in need of a lift. Our team picked them up on the way back in Allentown and brought them safely back to Two Ladies Four Paws Rescue.

This trip took multiple days to complete and lots of hard working hours by our volunteers! If you are interested in any of these adorable dogs, please contact St. Huberts!