Saving thousands of animals each year would not be possible without our incredible PAART volunteers. We celebrated their heroic efforts at our holiday party. 🎄

No PAART party would be complete without a life-saving mission. You can see the 21 dogs we brought from danger to safety being loved on by our volunteers.

PAART land pilots Carolyn Jochymek and Caitlyn Carroll traveled to Cookeville, Tennessee to pick up our furry friends from the Safe Haven Puppy Sanctuary, Inc. All 21 dogs are now safe at Bridge To Home Animal Rescue if you are interested in bringing one home for the holidays!

One very special PAART family member, David Stash, was missing from the holiday party because he decided to go on a last minute mission! David’s incredible dedication to PAART and saving animals is why he is our PAART volunteer of the year.

Check out our video to see how many animals David has saved in 2019! Thank you David!