The No Dog Left Behind Land Team rescued 16 dogs from 2 overcrowded shelters.
Land Pilots Lisa Duffy and Michael Duffy traveled to South Point, Ohio on a mission to save some beautiful pups and one gorgeous senior! After a good night’s rest, they met with our friends from Wolfe County Animal Shelter and Wags To Riches Rescue Inc. to pick up their precious cargo.
Babe was one of the pups on board. She’s a 10-year-old Llewellin Setter that our amazing Kentucky heroes convinced a breeder to give up. You can see from the photos of her living on wire that life was not good for this senior girl. No more babies for Babe! She will be spayed, given good care and love and never live on wire again!
This mission was done in memory of Harry Crockard. Harry was a senior dog who we brought to Senior Hearts Rescue & Renewal after he was found in Kentucky living in a car with two drug addicts and one other dog. Poor Harry was not in good shape. He was adopted by an amazing couple, Jim and Melanie Crockard and was given the best days of his life. Sadly on his very first Thanksgiving, he became ill and after all attempts to save him at the emergency vet hospital Harry succumbed to the neglect of his past.
If you would like to adopt any of these animals, please contact Action For Animals Humane Society and Cross Your Paws Rescue.